Drive Doctor is new false antivirus program circulating around. It has already attacked 1000s of PCs. The major goal of the makers of this sham program, which is thought to have come from either South america or Russia, is to con people into buying fake upgrades. In addition, this virus can also steal important personal information such as passwords to credit card, emails and bank accounts. Users who frequently download files from rogue Websites such as Torrents are vulnerable to this virus. Disk Doctor peddles falsehoods and should not be trusted. Users whose PCs have recently been infected with this program should remove it immediately, in any other case their system’s security and files can be greatly compromised.

Disk Doctor is a malicious program that attaches actual software into PCs. The virus then gets loaded onto systems whenever an user boots his computer. Disk Doctor can quickly wreck mayhem in one’s PC by corrupting files and applications. By making a false scanning program and displaying fabricated scan results, the malware scares users into believing that their computer is near shutting down because of viruses. This would also block some Windows application, which would make it appear that one’s computer is very being invaded by malwares. It will then present an ineffective solution — a deceitful upgrade that they would convince users into buying.

One fashion to erase this virus from an infected system is by using manual removal. Yet , this approach can be challenging to someone who doesn’t have any qualifications in computing or encoding. The first step in this approach is to stop the virus from running. You would not be able to try this from Task Manager because the malware would have blocked it. You need to set your computer first to “Safe Method. ” Once the disease has been effectively incapable, you can commence to remove all programs and applications that Disk Doctor works on. Remember to also scan and delete your PC of “hidden” data which come with Drive Doctor, as these will just reload the disease back after they discover that it has recently been removed.

You should turn to remove these parts of this virus:

Fake Software Files (stored in %UserProfile%/Start Menu/Programs/Win Defrag)
Fake DLL Data
Fake settings as well as options
Fake backup data
Among the finest methods of taking away this kind of viruses application is by using anti malware tools, which are applications designed to specifically seek out and destroy spyware and adware and similar threats. One particular good example is Frontline Rogue Remover. This can be a head in its category and it is widely considered to be among the finest anti-malware programs around as it is going to first show you how to quit the infection from running, and then remove it completely from your system. Replications are conveniently available online for downloading. With this program, you can be assured that your computer would be clear of the Disk Doctor Virus soon. If for some reason you cannot have a data file copy from the Net because the malware program has blocked your pc’s browser, you can use a different PC and just transfer a data file back via a COMPACT DISK or USB pen.